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World Clean-up Day in Pictures

The World Clean-up Day was marked all around the world yesterday, September 15th, 2018. Clean ups were organized in 152 countries and I can say that it was the biggest volunteering event to address waste disposal and collection. Lets do it World, a waste collection movement started the it by calling on everyone to rid our planet of trash. Target areas were beaches, rivers street and illegal trash points.

The results as at yesterday had it that over 14.5 million volunteers from 75 countries with more expected to be accounted for by the end of today. The global event gave an opportunity to educate people about the importance of proper waste disposal and overall management.

We cannot downplay the importance of proper waste disposal and management in cutting down the emission of greenhouse gases, reduction in the incidence of communicable diseases and overall pollution of land and water courses.

SustyVibes, the social enterprise I volunteer with was not left out of the fun (we love what we do) as members took to Ajegunle, a popular slum in Lagos State to clean up the area and educating people about waste management.

I am happy because I can see a bright future where sustainability would become mainstream. The young generation are taking the lead and making sustainability actionable for people. Here are some pictures from around the world;

SustyVibers in Lagos after cleaning up Ajegunle


A diver from the Barracuda Club and a volunteer with the Zero Waste association shows the garbage picked up from the beach during World Cleanup Day in Dakar, Senegal. Image by: REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra
A volunteer cleans up and removes waste from a beach during the World Cleanup Day in Marseille, France.REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier
Volunteers seen on Iwo road, Ibadan.


Susty Vibers in Portharcourt

Did you volunteer yesterday? Feel free to send in your pictures via my twitter handle @rukyspeaks





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