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Living in Lagos? You have a role to play in achieving a cleaner Lagos!


It’s a new dawn in the waste management sector of Nigeria’s Centre of Excellence – Lagos State. The Cleaner Lagos Initiative in partnership with world renowned waste management professionals, Visionscape Group are gradually bringing the dream Lagos to existence. This is particularly good news because we know how inversely proportional the number of people living in Lagos State is to the size of the state. This has resulted in a strain on the amenities provided to ensure we have a clean and safe environment to live in. The sight of the new trucks, electronically tracked bins, compactors etc. is a beauty to behold.

Now we can say the government has tried in willing to provide the facilities we need to achieve a clean environment. However, the bulk of the job lies with us – the residents of Lagos state to cooperate with and compliment the efforts of the state government. It is our civic duty to follow the regulations regarding waste and environmental management. It is NOT absurd to hold on to trash – drink cans, bottles, and wrappers until you can locate an appropriate bin to properly dispose it. You might think “it’s just a bottle” but it is way beyond that. That one bottle or plastic bag you toss on the road or in the drainage would find its way into a larger water body i.e. a stream, pond or even the Atlantic Ocean and some large aquatic animals can mistake it as food, ingest it, get choked or perhaps even die as a result. That’s just one item. We see all sorts of plastic bags, wraps and cups on our roads when it rains heavily and the drainages are blocked, forcing the trash to mount on roads. We are the ones who suffer the consequences of floods – accidents, faulty cars, high traffic congestions, water-borne illnesses as a result of stagnant water. So its like what we do coming right back to us. We see it as insignificant because its takes little or no effort to litter and improperly dispose waste.

It takes cumulative effort to litter and also same to stop littering. I always ask anyone I am talking to about littering few questions:

  • Can you throw trash on your bed?
  • Can you throw trash in your water tanks?
  • Can you mix trash with your soups?

The answers come in negative. By littering, we are doing the above mentioned acts of contaminating vital resources indirectly. You do not need to be literate or educated to understand the simple logic in not littering.

Not everyone will have the privilege to see this small write up but please if you are reading this, share the points with your neighbours, take time to let the adamant ones (I have some around my area) see the sense in what we are advocating for.

Itesiwaju Eko lo jewa logun – The continuous progress of Lagos State is of utmost priority to us.

If we can get it right in Lagos State, every other state in Nigeria can!


Hey, I'm Ruky and I started this blog to share my views on sustainability and the contemporary issues around it. In recent times, environment and sustainability issues have been attracting the attention of businesses and government. In spite of this, there is still a lot of misconception and confusion around these issues. This is why I decided to create this tiny blog to share my journey into embracing sustainability and I am sure you would enjoy every bit of it.

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