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Musings Of A Greenie. …

61853306After so much brainstorming, I finally arrived at this. “Musings” mean reflections and thoughts about something while “Greenie” means someone who loves the environment and yearns for its protection. Why exactly do I yearn for the protection of the environment? It’s our home! (At least for now). How would you feel if someone came breaking down your house, destroying everything and anything you have worked for, depend on and you are left with just the debris? No one wants that. That’s why we have security guards, sniffer dogs, all manners of sophisticated locks and the list is endless. All the while, I knew I did not want the services rendered by my environment to stop. I wanted drainage systems unclogged. I wanted good roads so as to reduce traffic congestion (I stay in Ikorodu so you can relate). I wanted *LAWMA to handle waste and not the truckpushers that dump them by the roadside and nearby waters. I recently graduated then in 2012, got married almost immediately and a baby came. Fastforward to 2014, I enrolled for a Master of Environmental Management program at the University of Lagos and I found what I yearned for…Environmental Management. Without this, we are practically finished because we all depend on the environment directly or indirectly. Join me on this journey as I share my thoughts on how we have betrayed our home and ways by which we can (I’m using “WE” because it’s not a one-man job) redeem our home from the claws of climate change, ozone layer depletion, global warming, farmine, flooding, deforestation………..see you in my next post!

Cheers to a Greener Earth.







Hey, I'm Ruky and I started this blog to share my views on sustainability and the contemporary issues around it. In recent times, environment and sustainability issues have been attracting the attention of businesses and government. In spite of this, there is still a lot of misconception and confusion around these issues. This is why I decided to create this tiny blog to share my journey into embracing sustainability and I am sure you would enjoy every bit of it.

2 thoughts on “Musings Of A Greenie. …

  1. I totally love this… This goes to show that the little things we do, those minute, rather insignificant things we do – throwing that tiny sweet wrapper out of your car window, collecting and carelessly discarding those plastic bags from shop rite and many more – all of these things have major in acts on the environment we live in. #SaveThePlanet by playing your part. Thanks Greenie!!


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